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Dear Friend,
Thank you for showing interest in Home Employment, whether you are employed full time, or part time, we feel this is an opportunity for you to make extra cash working from home. This program is absolutely legal. A legitimate mailing program requires that something be sold which the buyer can use or resell to others. You have the right to resell this program to others. You can reproduce all materials which you will receive with this program. You may also alter this program or sales letters to you satisfaction, if you see fit. We have not reserved the copyrights. The program will be yours, and you will have no other obligation to the company.

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I was employed part time and had some free time to invest. One day I was reading a magazine and I came across and ad for Home-Based Employment. I decided, what the heck, and that turned out to be one of the smartest moves I ever mad. In one month, I was making twice as much as my part time job, in about one quarter as much time. Still, even though the money was rolling in steadily, I was skeptical.

The problem was that I was too easy and I was sure there was a catch. So to be safe, I held on to my part time job, and continued working at home in my spare time. It wasn’t until two months later, that I realized that I was making over 6 times as much per hour working from HOME as I did with my part time job. After I finally realized it wasn’t a catch, I made the next smart move of my life, and started working at home fulltime. Now it’s safe to say, that I’m totally financially independent and will remain so for the rest of my life. Best of all, I set my own hours, and unbelievably, I still only works 20-25 Hours Per Week.

James McKenzie – Conway, AR

It was about 3 months until Christmas, and I needed some extra cash fast. One day I was randomly looking through a “Thrifty Nickel,” when I ran across this ad. Well needless to say, I called the 800 number and requested the free info then decided to order the Mailing Kit. Once I got the Mailers Kit, I followed the easy step by step instructions that a child could do. In about a month’s time, I had made the extra money I needed and then some. I still work my full time job, and do this on the side for a couple of extra hundred dollars a month. These guys are the truth. Thanks

Grady Winslow – Camden, AR

You may Stuff Envelopes From Home 24/7 or part time. EARN as much as you want. This is just one example of the home employment potential. There are many Home-Based employers who keep their full time jobs, and just “DABBLE” with home employment to generate extra income. One thing’s for sure, everyone could use a couple of Hundred Extra Dollars A Week.

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With our Home Employment Package, you will receive all of our Work From Home Programs. You can use one or all of them to earn extra cash working from home. If you choose to market this information we will show you how to Step-By-Step. With your home as your office, you have the potential to earn extra cash in amounts that only you can determine. There are no set quotas maximum or minimum.

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What most of us want is more money. Financial insecurity has a dramatic effect on those plagued by it. Have you ever stopped and thought how much of your mental energy is directed towards money? Better yet, imagine being free from money problems. Feels wonderful doesn’t it.


Finally, Home associates provide a 100% guarantee that you will earn a substantial income from our Home-Mailer-Program that I am able to extend to you this very special Guarantee. If you use our program for 90 days and are not completely satisfied, please return it for a refund no questions asked.

The extra income potential is real and it is substantial. We hope that you have the foresight to lift yourself out of a substandard bracket, by becoming an Independent-Home-Based-Employee.


Sincerely, Reginald M Jackson


S.O.S Cash

P.O. Box 2701

Conway, AR 72033


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Although we advertise for those people who are serious about working from their own homes, we have found that there are many curiosity seekers with no real intention of using the Home Mailer Program. Therefore, it is necessary to require a onetime application fee of $25.00 to cover my cost in showing you what to do. Independent home based mailers have found that they immediately recover the cost of the package. Those taking advantage of our other employment opportunities have reported similar results.

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To begin earning cash at home, carefully fill out and mail this from along with $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling (Cash, Check Or Money Order) to the address shown below. Your order will be processed upon receipt and the All New Complete Home Employers Package will be mailed to you immediately. Personal check order will be held for 10 working days.


Make Check Or Money Order Available To (Reginald M. Jackson) CEO Of S.O.S Cash

S.O.S Cash

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Fill Out The Form Below, & Cut & Detach It Along The Dotted Lines. Next, Fold Your Information and Place It In the Provided Envelope As Well As a payment for $24.00 plus $3.00 Shipping And Handling,


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Once the companies listed in our directory fill their employment quota, we no longer will be offering our program.

If you are unhappy for any reason after trying our program we will refund your money immediately!

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